Drillcom RD32

Drillcom RD32
Drillcom RD32

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Benefits when comparing to conventional rock drills:

  • when idling (percussion on with the shank rod not at the impact point), stresses to tie bolts

  caused by piston damping are eliminated with the internal structure of the percussion


  • percussion piston designed for the best possible energy transfer for rock breaking
  • low feed force means low rotation resistance, higher durability of drilling tools
  • robust rotation gear structure
  • easy to maintain, less special tools needed

Drilling results from a construction site in February 2012:

  • hard grey granite, tensile strenght 250MPa, vertical holes
  • ballistic button bit, diameter 51mm
  • Drilling speed 1,2m/min feed pressure 30bar (mounted at ROC512HC)
  • Percussion pressure 140 bar rotation pressure 40bar